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Yes we do the full installation for you. We will have all the parts and the pump to get your pool working.

All pools are 2ft deep.

NEVER allow a child in or near a stock tank pool without continuous adult supervision.

Please follow your city's guidelines for pools, fences, alarms and floatation devices.


Empty your pool and use it store your summer stuff. Get a really great winterized pool cover and say goodbye until next year. Turning it upside down and properly covering it is important to avoid moisture build up and rust. 

Rust is inevitable over time - to reduce it and/or prolong your rust free period - use minimal amounts of chemicals especially in small pools. Close 'the door' on the bromine dispenser so only a little amount is used. Never shock the water to treat and Never pour chlorine, salt or bromine directly in the pool.

There are two shapes of stock tanks. The round shape is better for larger backyards. Oval stock tanks are long and narrow, so they're better suited for small backyards.

Measure your space + the way into your space to make sure it will fit.

Some additional stock tank ideas: HERE

How many fit?

6ft Oval - 2

8ft Oval -3-4

6ft Round - 4

8ft Round - 5-6

Please check with your city for specific rules. Below are two important links for having pools in Toronto. The most important thing is keeping kids safe. Please make sure to have doors that lock leading to the pool and/or alarms. The other option is to have a cover that locks. 

Info from the city of Toronto:


Water treatment is simple. Youcan use a simple floating chlorine dispenser, but we prefer  Bromine. 1-3 one inch Bromine tabs per week (typically used for spas and hot tubs). Any more than that and your tank’s galvanized coating may be compromised.  Saltwater is possible, but some people are having trouble with rust on their tank when using salt.

Any pool store or good old Amazon has some. Make sure they are 1 inch to fit your dispenser.

You can paint stock tanks, yes. We can paint them for you. However, they don't need to be painted. They’re made with galvanized metal that is very durable and resists rust. Keep in mind, to paint them correctly takes prep work and a lot of paint.

You can use a propane heater to heat it to hot tub temperatures (HERE). Or a solar cover to warm your water during  the day (purchase at any pool store OR good ol' Amazon). Without a heater, when the pool is filled with water, neither the metal nor the water will get too warm to touch or use. 

No matter where you put your pool, you'll need two things for its location: 1) it should beflat: free of rocks, roots, and humps, and 2) the location should be leveL Also keep in mind, filled-they weigh as much an an SUV- so balconies don't work. Placing it on gravel, river stones work great to help with draining water underneath.

If you have a filter/pump - you only have to keep the pump running a couple hours a day to keep the water clean. Replace or clean the filter cartridges every 2-4 weeks and add bromine tabs and skim the water once /week. Over the years if you notice rust- you can sand it down and paint.

We provide you with some Bromine tablets, after that you can purchase your 1 inch tablets at any pool store or using Amazon.