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Oval Stock Tank Pool

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  • $2,250.00
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All pools are 2ft deep.


🇨🇦 NATIONWIDE SHIPPING (DELIVERY ONLY) NOW AVAILABLE 🇨🇦 with a custom quote option. Quotes for OVAL STOCK TANK POOLS are between $500-1000 (depending on the size and location in Canada)

What’s included? 

  • Delivery & Installation
  • On going support for your pool
  • High Quality Stock Tank Pool
  • High-performance Filter Pump
  • Floating Chlorine Dispenser
  • 1" Chlorine Tablet

Delivery + Installation:

Your delivery booking will be confirmed by email, usually within 48hrs. We will do the installation on your delivery day.  We'll also provide you with maintenance instructions onsite.  

More info on your order: 

  1. Select your pool from the shop.
  2. First come, first served. If you want the first soak on the block, order now.
  3. Deliveries will begin in April for the season
  4. You will have 30 days after your delivery to let us know if any parts need to be replaced. Pools are non-refundable once installed. 
  5. We will provide a package with all the information you need to maintain your pool and we are always available for support.


POOLS BEFORE INSTALL: We’re happy to offer full refunds (minus a 5% processing fee) for pools if the pool hasn’t been scheduled for delivery and you make the request within 30 days of purchase. Once a pool install is scheduled, we can’t accept returns.

POOLS + PARTS POST INSTALL: Once your pool is installed, returns aren’t possible. Once installed, you will have 30days to let us know of any issues with the parts or pump.